How To Correct Your Ethnicity Status E-Book

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With the stroke of a pen, an Indian went from Indian to Negro.

Paper Genocide is destructive and is one of the biggest threats to Original Americans and our culture.

Many Origines were silenced, exiled and/or forced to live in reservations if we spoke about who we are.

Indians that were captured as prisoners of war were classified as Negro and sold off into slavery.

Indians that wasn't removed off the lands, didn't live on reservations or did not conform to the colonizer's demands we're reclassified as black, negro, colored, mulatto, white and even African American.

This is our story.

Learn how to fight back against paper genocide and reclaim your birthrights.

The Benefits of Correcting Your Status

1. You will legally nullify the use of labels, occurrences, relics and vestiges of slavery, outlawed by the 13th amendment of the US Constitution, by renouncing the label of "Black" identity of slavery.

2. Entitled to indigenous recognition.

3. Entitled to reparations, and restitution. 

4. Entitled to Indigenous rights.

Our How To Correct Your Ethnicity Status PDF is for $1! Download it now!

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