Ilofoka Ohoyo: A Clothing Line For The Women That Kicks Ass and Doesn't Submit To Colonization

To our beautiful Ohoyos out there, we have been spending time and countless hours to bring you our Ilofoka Ohoyo collection. In Origine culture, we view all women as sacred. We are not only the bringers of life, but we are the source of creative energy.

For centuries even thousands of years, the divine feminine has been hidden, cast aside, and also oppressed. Today in our efforts, we want Origine women to reclaim their power. Look colonization in the eyes and say, "F*CK YOU! I AIN'T SUBMITTING TO YOUR BULLSH*T!"

This collection will have the Ohoyos embracing their curves, hair texture, and, most importantly, culture. Femininity is what is needed. Our resilience is what is required. The power of the Origine woman is necessary. 

For too long, we have been told we don't matter. That our tears don't matter. That we are "strong" and just put up with the f*ck shit, and we say NO MORE GOT DAMMIT!

With our collection, you will turn heads. With our collection, people will say, "Who she think she is?" With our collection, the haters will talk but stay close because you are too saucy, and they want some of that sauce to drip onto them. 

The time to embrace our culture is NOW. The time to embrace who we are is NOW! The time to take a stance is NOW!

Time to take that African sh*t off and put on your American sh*t if you already know who you are and where you come from. Now the African women with American Aborigine ancestry can hop on the train too, but we won't reduce our flames to satisfy your ego.

Origine women have been told for too long that we have to stay in our place and be quiet until spoken to. But most do not know that most American Aborigine tribes were run by women. Women are the matriarchs of our tribes. 

Reclaim your power as the Matriarch.

Our Ifoloka Ohoyo collection will feature southwestern prints, Origine women in headdresses, and a whole lot of rebelling against the system! The collection will drop Tuesday at Midnight! Mark your calendars and get ready! It's scalping season, and we take no prisoners!


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