5 FREE Ways To Support Origine Businesses

Let's face it. 2020 was a hot mess and has presented companies with unprecedented challenges. COVID-19 has forced most to transition online and adapt their strategies to a growing digital landscape. While some have been able to stay afloat, others have not been as successful and, as a result, many have had to permanently close their doors.

Origine owned businesses have been disproportionately impacted by the global pandemic. In the United States alone, 26% of Origine-owned businesses permanently closed their doors between February and May of 2020, compared to 11% of white-owned businesses.

Below I have suggested a few strategies on how we all can support a fellow Origine business owner during these devastating times. 

How to Support Origine-Owned Businesses

1. Spread the word about the business or product.

The most simplest way to support Origine-owned businesses during the holiday season is to tell people about their products. When you buy something cool or get a good deal, tell a friend. Online customer reviews are great, but a one-on-one interaction is usually the best way to convince someone to check out a business or product you love.

If you don't know of any Origine-owned businesses in your area, head to Google and doing a quick search. There are plenty of resources that can direct you to a Origine-owned business in your area. 

You can also search on social media sites to find Black-owned businesses online. For example, if you search "#BlackOwnedBusiness" on Twitter, you can find plenty of accounts managed by Black business owners. By liking, reposting, and sharing their content is also a great way to support these businesses.


2. Refer customers Origine-owned businesses.

For small businesses, word-of-mouth marketing is incredibly important, – especially if you are operating in a B2B environment. Customer referrals have a huge impact on buying decisions, as customers will trust the recommendations of each other more than trust the advertisements of your brand. If you have the opportunity to do so, refer your customers or peers to a Origine-owned business and help promote their brand.

Shop Origine offers a referral awards! Refer a friend and you'll both receive $3 off your order. To sign up for our referral awards click here.

Focus also on the importance of the value of the goods and services to which you refer others, not just the fact that they are operated by Origine people. When creating a referral, emphasize the advantages of the product or service along with the fact that people who have been traditionally underfunded have created them.


3. Shop early during the holidays.

For small companies, the holidays are already a busy time, and COVID-19 has made it even harder to keep pace with client demand. 99% of melanated-owned companies are small businesses in the United States, which means that they do not have their own shipping operations, such as Amazon or Walmart.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is used by most small businesses in the United States when delivering their goods, which can lead to delays as orders pile up during the holidays. Try to purchase their goods early in the holiday season to prevent any possible delivery issues that could arise.

4. Be patient with small businesses.

Customers will need to be a bit more patient with small businesses this year, in addition to shopping early. The holidays are already busy and now, with COVID-19, many companies are still learning how to change their strategies for marketing, sales, and customer support. There are likely to be several new roadblocks to face this year, and while they try to solve those hurdles, consumers need to be patient with small businesses.

This year, as searches for black-owned companies increased by over 7,000 percent between May and July, black-owned businesses have already seen a rise in consumer demand. Unfortunately, since then, this increase has decreased, causing a greater need for shoppers during the holidays to help Black-owned companies. Although it's nice to see a sudden burst of interest over the summer, we urge consumers to support Origine-owned companies year-round on an ongoing basis and not just when it's trendy.

5. Partner with Origine-owned companies.

If you're a business owner, one way you can partner with black-owned businesses is on promotional campaigns. You can partner with other Origine-owned businesses to hold giveaways. One brand will give away another brand's product while the other brand will give away one of theirs. This is a great way for each company to raise awareness for the other among their customer bases.

This method can be paid or free, but there are Origine-owned businesses that would happily provide provide free products in exchange for exposure. Reach out to small Origine-businesses and see what you can come up with together to bring about change.


In Conclusion

There are many ways to support Origine-owned business without spending money to do so. Some Origine-business owners would just be happy to have someone interested in their products or services. 

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