When Paper Genocide Goes Too Far

What is Paper Genocide and How Does It Effect Black People?

It's no secret that Black Americans have a significant amount of American Indian ancestry. According to Iloveancestry.com it's estimated that 80-85 percent of Black Americans have American Indian ancestry.
Some say it's higher than that amount. Some say Black people and Indians are the same thing. But one thing is clear.
If Black people are known to have American Indian DNA and also have documentation of American Indian tribal affairs why are they called Black and not Indian?
Well, Paper Genocide is to blame. When it comes to this piece of history it is truly disgusting and an act of fraud and identity theft on American Indian (Origine) people.

What is Paper Genocide?

Paper Genocide started the day we came in contact with colonizers. There are over 500 tribes in America and yet on census records these tribes are not listed as their own people but as Indian, Negro, Colored and even Black. We did not originally call ourselves Indian, we identified with the tribe(s) we came from.
Take Mildred from the loving v virginia case! Mildred is of Rappahannock descent but the history books and documentaries told us she was black. Why is that?
When you look at the first census only two categories was listed. White or Colored. If you didn't live on the reservation you weren't labeled as Indian but as Colored. American Indians were falsely listed on all census records as (Negro), Mustee, Black, Mulatto, or Colored, and sometimes even White.
This act of fraudulent behavior was an intentional reclassification which was passed down from generation to generation to the present, even presently entered on many Origines (American Indians) vital records as in birth certificates and social security information. 

Why Would The Government Do This?

Simple. Greed. The need for money and the power that came with it put government officials, politicians and more. Black People have been called a misnomer since they were called Black, Colored, Negro and even Indian. Since the names of our identities kept being changed it was easier to write us out of history.

What people fail to see is that when your identity is stolen so is your existence! You're now a whole new person and considered an error from the jump. Keep hearing Black has no standing at law?

Well, it is true. There is a reason why when other races including Africans being listed as White on immigration records and other vital information. Same thing happens in Africa when a so called "African American" living in Africa. "African Americans" are called White by African people.

These names that the government gives us is not about skin color or race. It's based on social status and what THEY think you look like/are like. It's easier to misidentity so called Black (Indian) people when we didn't speak English but our own Indigenous tongue. By doing this they are better able to take our land.

How Would The Government Benefit Benefiting from Reclassifying Black People Identity? 

Dathie Haines

Take the Dathie Haines story for example. She was a Cherokee woman that hand her land taken because she didn't know how to read English and signed her land away. Imagine the wealth and how culturally different things have been if Dathie kept her land and passed it down from generation to generation.

Her descendants would be very wealthy right now however the people who know own it just imagine the wealth they have acquired from taking what is owed to an Cherokee woman?

Many Black people have gained wealth or acquired wealth through our Indigenous nations but because we are brown skinned and are an Indian with deeper bloodline.

Blood quantum is still a big thing despite Cherokee Nation "stricking" the blood quantum rule tribes have to determine who and who is not Indian. Many "Black Indians" have not been documented or have had their membership revoked.

We are often associated with Africans when most of us are indeed full blood Indigenous American or have high count of Indigenous blood. So many of our people lost what was theirs due to paper genocide. Still till this day paper genocide continues and justice is still not served.

How did Paper Genocide Happen?

Marcas Garvery (Center) Walter Plecker (Right)

Paper Genocide happened when the pale man wanted it. Instead of calling us by our tribal names they labeled us all Indian and told us to deal with it.

Cherokee were not originally called Cherokee. We are Aniyunwiya! Aniyunwiya (ᎠᏂᏴᏫᏯ), which means "Principal People"! This is just one example of changing our names so much destroys the paper trail to our history and existence. Walter Plecker, a famous and well known racist, didn't invent paper genocide. However, he reinvented it. 

Walter Ashby Plecker was the first registrar of Virginia’s Bureau of Vital Statistics, which records births, marriages, and deaths. He accepted the job in 1912 and was a menace ever since.

For the next 34 years, he led the effort to "purify" the white race in Virgina by forcing Indians and other nonwhites to classify themselves as blacks. It is amounted to bureaucratic genocide.

Walter Plecker was a big member of the Eugenics movement, and Plecker had an agenda. An agenda to target “Indians”, mixed-race individuals and Black people in the State of Virginia. Plecker would intentionally try to eliminate any evidence of any Indians that lived in Virginia. It was his way of purifying the “white race”.

Walter Plecker modified birth records in the State of Virginia and even ordered to have the record on any individual that said “Indian ” for race to be destroyed. Plecker would even threaten to midwives that put Indianas the race on the birth certificates.

However, he's not the first to commit acts like this and he won't be the last. I have came across a pale man that taught my real estate class that admitted to changing a person's race on a JOB survery. People are being mislabeled due to racial bias and "racial purity" nonsense.


That the Blood Stay Pure

Paper Genocide is not going away anytime soon. Because of this is it's important to research your genealogy and see what your family's past has in store for you.


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