What is an Origine?

We get asked this question a lot! What is an Origine? Who does it pertain to? Why did we call our store Shop Origine? It's simple really. Our owner and founder Atsila Yona is the one that came up with the name and added her own twist to the definition of Origine.

Yona saw that many Black Indians didn't like to be called Aborigine because they think or presume the ab in aborigine means away or come from the source when indeed we ARE the source. So she took off the ab- off aborigine and decided to call our people Origines.

What is the definition of Origine?

Origine comes from Latin the latin words Origo, originis meaning origin, source, birth, family, race, and ancestry according to Latin-dictionary.net. However, Yona version of Origine is different. It means to be Original American by BLOODLINE! Yona explains more in here video below.

Why Not Identify As A Black Indian or American Indian?

Because we are not BLACK! Terms like Black, Colored, Negro, African American and even American Indian are misnomers because our ancestors NEVER called themselves these terms. These terms enforce Paper Genocide on the Original People of the Americas. It started with them renaming our tribes.

The pale man couldn't pronounce Aniyunwiya so he changed our name to Cherokee. This has happened to many other Indigenous nations as well. Instead of referring and addressing us through our tribal identities they lumped us all together under Indian without even asking us what we would like to be called. We use terms like Black Indian and American Indian so people know who we are referring to but for Yona and many others identify with the term Origine. 

How does identifying as Origine change the fate of the Original People of the Americas?

Tbh, it doesn't! It's just us Origines simply stating that we want to be called Origines because we are owed that right to. We are owed a voice. It's our birthright. Not many people will acknowledge or respect it including our government but however it's up to us the people to change this way of thinking and how we react to it.

We don't need the U.S government permission to think for ourselves. Speaking up for yourself is what changes our fate. Not allowing foreigners to tell us who we are changes our fate. Change starts with us.

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Samuel Blackwell

Well written and it couldn’t be explained better.

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