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Homelessness is a growing epidemic in Turtle Island. In Austin, Texas alone over 2,700 people are homeless and it's mostly Origines that makes up the Austin, Texas homeless population. And that's not all. Each year 3.5 million people experience homelessness and 40% are "African American" when in reality most of them are possibly reclassified Origines. They may have or had Origine ancestors but their ancestors and possibly elders were reclassified several times on several different censuses.  This numbers of Origines experiencing homelessness continue to grow each year. 

Our goal is to provide 100 hoodies and 50 gift baskets to local areas in Texas, California, District of Columbia and possibly more states.

For every order we'll donate $1 to our HGB fundraiser. Homeless women will receive gift baskets of feminine products and homeless people will receive our hoodies to stay warm during these winter months. 

Not only are you shopping from an Origine owned brand but, you'll be helping those in need to. 

To learn more about homelessness go to 




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