Origine People Power Beer Update

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Last November we took America by storm with our beer. For those who don't know Origine Apparel and Island to Island Brewery came together to create Origine People Power Beer. This beer is the signifies the unification of Origines all over. With ICE in full force Origines documented and undocumented have been detained unlawfully. The percentage of the Origine People Power Beer sales are donated to the Fianza Fund.

The Fianza Fund is a community-supported bail fund that pays the bail of immigrants detained by immigration enforcement. We have donated over a total of $768 to the Fianza Fund and we will continue to donate to the Fianza Fund to help those in need. If you are interested in trying the Origine People Power Beer visit Island to Island Brewery at 642 Rogers Avenue Cellar Level, Brooklyn, NY 11226.

To donate directly to the Fianza Fund go to https://www.fianzafund.org/donate.html

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