Malcolm X Speaks on Aborigines. “Aborigine. Which means what? Black Folks."

 malcom x aborigine

This informative meme has been passed around online for years in the Aboriginal American community but how many people understand what is actually being said here? Let's discuss this speech on a deeper note.

Malcom X is a well respected human rights activist who was a prominent figure during the civil rights movement. He was a Muslim minister who believed that Black people should fight against racism and oppression by any means necessary. 

In his speech, Black Man's Historyhe speaks about Black people in a way your probably haven't heard before until now. He spoke on a subject many are not aware of still till this day.

Malcom says " Today it's time to listen to nothing but naked, undiluted truth. And when you know the truth, as Jesus said: "The truth will make you free." Abraham Lincoln won't make you free. Truth will make you free. when you know the truth, you're free. Also you have your archaeologists, anthropologists, other forms of historians who agree that they don't know how long man has been on earth, but they do know that man has been on earth longer than six thousand years. They know that man was not made just six thousand years ago. They know this now but a long time ago they didn't know it. There was a time when they believed that a man had fewer ribs than a woman. You can believe that because they said that God made Eve from one of Adam's ribs -so Adam had a rib missing. And they actually ran around here believing for many years that man had one less rib, and they were shook up when they got into the science of anatomy and discovered that man -- all his ribs were there! They began to wonder then what happened in the Bible?"

Malcolm goes on to say " The white man's world is newer world than the black man's world. If this man said that they were about to make man, and he said we would make him how -- in your image -- this shows you that there's somebody there with him..... The story of Adam hides the birth of the white race, and because you and I have never been taught to look into a thing and analyze a thing we took the story of Adam exactly as it was. We thought that God made a man named Adam six thousand years ago. But today The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that man, Adam, was a white man; that before Adam was made the black man was already here. The white man will even tell you that, because he refers to Adam as the first one. He refers to the Adamites as those who came from that first one. He refers to the pre-Adamites as those who were here before Adam. Right or wrong? Those people who were here before Adam. And he always refers to these people as "aborigines," which means what? BLACK FOLK! You never find a white aborigine. Aborigines are called natives, and they're always dark-skinned people. You and I are aborigines. But you don't like to be called an aborigine; you want to be called an American. Aborigine actually means, "from the beginning." It's two Latin words, "ab" meaning "from"; "origine" meaning "the beginning"; and aborigine is only the term applied to those dark-skinned people who have been on this earth since the beginning of the universe. You know that's going way back. What do you mean, since the beginning of the universe?"

Let's admit it! Malcolm said a MOUTHFUL! But is he wrong? No! He told the absolute truth. As a matter of fact the word "Aboriginal" is used to describe the copper colored races in America according to the Amer'ican 1828 Webster dictionary.

AMER'ICANnoun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.

As the truth is stranger than fiction we can all agree on one thing. The honorable Malcolm X was way before his prime. Thank you Malcolm for all your hard work and research!

malcolm x

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