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My name is Atsila Yona. I'm 23 years old. I'm an entrepreneur, author, and creative writer. I'm Origine, French, and Mexican. I currently reside in Houston, Texas. I'm a small-town girl living in a big city. I coined the term Origine in 2016, and I use it to identify other Original Americans like myself.

How Did I Get Into Origine History

I didn't question my ethnicity growing up. Teachers and strangers would call me black, but my elders would say we are Indian. I used to identify heavily with Africa until I did my genealogy research and extensive research on American history. Boy did I feel stupid. Now since I know the truth, and I speak more openly about my ancestry, people always ask me, "Oh, what percentage of Native American are you?" Ok, why does my ancestry has to be divided into percentages? What happened to getting to know people for you they are not what they are. Every time I get that question, I cringe with disgust. I guess that's why I'm passionate about Origine history and people. Because of this, I created an apparel brand called Shop Origine in July 2018. I'm VERY excited about my brand and strive to show real and authentic images of Origine people no matter who does or does not like it.

Check out my new book Discovering Genealogy here to learn more about my ancestry and how to find yours.

I'm Not Religious

I embrace my dark side like I embrace my Origine ancestry. I'm into Baphomet and Indigenous spirituality. People shy away from me when they find out my spiritual beliefs, but it's ok. I learned not to take people's criticism so harshly.

Why I Started Blogging?

I started this blog to connect more with my audience and create a platform for Origines like me to be ourselves and to voice our perspective. We must be represented in the best way possible, and who better to do that than ourselves?

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Hello I have many questions I to like u found out my lineage once I reach my 20”s on one of your adds I saw the Choctaw language course how do I enroll I am from the Powhatan tribe (eastern woodland indigenous)

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